A Nocturnal Angel, The Story of a Dog


Friday September 9, 2016, I was preparing to sleep, almost all the lights of my house were off, only the ones in the living room and my bedroom were turned on, my dog Laika, as was the custom, was in the living room comfortably lying on the floor and Nilo at its side, as faithful canine brothers were also preparing to sleep, it was about 12:00 am, suddenly Laika was alarmed, ran towards the door that leads to the garden and the main entrance, their barks were different they had a certain tone of despair, I jumped and got up from my bed, went to the window to investigate and oh! Surprise! It was there, a great specimen of a half-breed dog, half German shepherd, half Labrador, when I saw it I said myself: Wow is very big, to be honest its big size intimidated me a little, at the moment to see it in more detail I noticed that it was in a terrible health status: undernourished, mangy, run over, partially hairless, fearful and mainly hungry.

A Nocturnal AngelWithout hesitation I took a couple of fists of Laika’s food and gave it to it through the window, its large size intimidated me and I did not trust to go out to feed it, it saw me with its big and expressive eyes and began to eat, I noticed its appetite was very voracious and quickly I gave it a third portion, It devours all the food, then it saw me with that look that only such a noble and suffered animal can provide, our eyes crossed, in my heart I felt its words of thanks: Thank you, it gave a howl as if thanking, moved its tail partially hairless, turned around and left my garden losing itself in the middle of the night returning to the cold and inhospitable streets, this without knowing it was the beginning of a love story and resurrection as the phoenix itself.

Two days passed and it had not returned, I thought its visit had been a random event, on the third day it reappeared, it was nighttime at around 10:00 pm, it needed more food, life on the street is hard, I saw it through the window and something in its eyes made me trust in it, I went out to the garden with the food in my hand and oh! Surprise! The noble animal lowered its ears and sat down (this in canine language is a sign of submission and you can approach with caution to an unknown dog), at the moment to see it in more detail I could notice that it had been passed a lot of time wandering the streets, someone irresponsibly it saw it as a disposable object, Bobby (as later I called it) wandered the streets, going cold, hungry, afraid and dangers, it was almost a sack of bones, its legs looked like straws, its ribs were intensely marked, its right rear leg had blood, product of a rammed by a car, in summary it was a hungry little corpse walking, I approached that poor helpless creature and feed again, I think that if Bobby had not found me it would have died of starvation alone in some dreary and sad place on the street.


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